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2015 Themes

The Grazing Dead Artwork

The Grazing Dead

For Odyssey Con 15 we will be celebrating the rise of the zombie in fiction and media. And to kick this party off right we are giving DJ Dalek a break and hosting a Zombie Prom on the Saturday of the convention. More news will follow as plans are made.

Current Convention News...

Spontaneous Writing Contest Wants YOU!

Open to the first eight people signed up and showing at the registration desk Saturday at 8am, the cost is free. You have one hour to write a story using a chunk of dialog handed to you. There are at least 5 open spots still. E-mail Richard Russell to register.

Writing Workshops are Open

Come and hone your fiction writing skills Friday Afternoon starting at noon with three professionals who will give constructive feedback, answer questions and share tips on the craft of fiction. Staffed by authors and editors, lead by Jim Frenkel.

Adventurers League offered all weekend long.

Be the first to play in the Elemental Evil season of adventurers. Use the latest offerings to D&D 5E for your character. Stop in to check the modules offered and times, DMs may be available to help you create a character, or pregenerated characters will be at the table.

Check the gaming section for the tentative schedule listed. Find them in the RPG hall to answer questions.

2015 Guests of Honor

Heather Brewer

Photo of Heather Brewer

Literary Guest of Honor

Matt Forbeck

Photo of Matt Forbeck

Literary/Game Design Guest of Honor

Jonathan Maberry

Photo of Jonahtan Maberry

Literary Guest of Honor

Panels and Programming

Submit panel ideas for the convention. We are also accepting applications to be a panelist. Check the progamming page for more info on what a panel involves.

Games and Gaming

Odyssey Con offers a variety of games and gaming opportunities. Check the gaming page for more information on International Tabletop Day and our events celebrating it.

Dealers Room and Vendors

Our dealers room offers a variety of goods including jewlery, games, books and costumes. Click the link below for information on being a vendor at Odyssey Con.


This year Odyssey Con will be at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on East Washington Avenue. Our room rates remained the same as last year. Click below for more details and booking information.

Gamehole Con 2014
Earth: to be determined
Pegasus Games